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Welcome to the Early Postpartum Mobility and Movement Program!  Early postpartum is a confusing time for most moms on how to best support their own healing.  After discharging from the hospital you are given a multitude of instructions on how to care for your new baby but essentially none for yourself other than to schedule a 6 week check up.  The standard is to do very little leading up to that 6 week mark.  

This program is designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy with years of experience in postpartum care to help you safely navigate starting gentle movement, mobility, and reconnection with your core and pelvic floor in early weeks of your postpartum journey. 


Support initial postpartum rehab with guidance on safe mobility drills for comfort, initiating re-connection of the core and pelvic floor system, and early recovery of core stabilization.

6 Week Early Postpartum Mobility and Movement P

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