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Concussion Therapy: 
Assessment and Treatment 

The Concussion in Sport Group has convened meetings and developed six international consensus statements on the subject of concussions in sports. According to this consensus statement, concussions are a complex pathophysiological process resulting from traumatic forces, either direct or indirect, to the head. These forces disrupt the normal functioning of the brain. While the majority of individuals recover fully from a concussion within a matter of days or weeks, research indicates that approximately 15-20% of those who sustain such injuries experience persistent symptoms, impairments, and limitations that significantly impact their daily lives. In cases where symptoms persist for more than 10 days, it is advisable for athletes and individuals to undergo rehabilitation to effectively manage their condition and optimize their overall outcome, in accordance with the latest consensus statement.

This concussion course is tailored for healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, athletic trainers, MDs, DOs, or chiropractors, who possess expertise in the field of concussions in the management of concussed athletes in a clinical setting. These professionals are well-equipped to facilitate active rehabilitation and support the safe return of athletes to their respective sports settings, starting as early as one week after their concussive injury.

Physical therapists (PTs), athletic trainers (ATCs), and chiropractors (DCs) play pivotal roles within an interdisciplinary team dedicated to the management of individuals dealing with concussions, with the ultimate goal of minimizing associated disabilities. Within their scope of practice, these professionals are responsible for post-concussion assessment, management, and the application of skilled rehabilitation techniques. These techniques encompass a comprehensive range of interventions, including paced and graded aerobic exercise, vestibular and oculomotor therapies, manual therapy, specific exercises targeting the cervical spine, balance training, and gradual return-to-sport activity progression.

Physical therapists, student physical therapists, medical doctors, and osteopaths.

Cost: $599 (15 CEUs)

Target Audience:
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Upon completion of this course, participants will:

Discuss the incidence and prevalence of concussion in the population & sports. 
Demystify the pathophysiology of concussion
Discuss myths and pathophysiology of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Discuss Post Concussion Syndrome 
Discuss Sports Concussion Assessment Tool-6 (SCAT 6) and pediatric version of this tool (Child SCAT6) to previous versions of Sports Concussion Assessment Tools
Discuss when the SCAT 6 & Child SCAT6 are most appropriate to use with concussion athletes
Discuss use of Concussion Recognition Tool
Discuss Sports Concussion Office and Pediatric Assessment Tool
Discuss the “11 Rs” and two additional “Rs”
Discuss seven clinical trajectories/phenotypes of concussion

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Return to sports: Protocols and guidelines.  
Able to assess and clinically triage findings concussion phenotypes to rehabilitate, rehabilitate and refer, or refer to other healthcare practitioners:

  • Cognitive function

  • Oculomotor manifestations

  • Affective disturbances

  • Cervical dysfunction

  • Headache 

  • Cervicogenic headache 

  • Cardiovascular/Autonomic dysfunction    

  • Vestibular 


About the Instructor 

Dr. Eric Jorde is an orthopedic Physical Therapist at Direct Performance Physical Therapy in the
Richmond Metropolitan area in Virginia. Dr. Jorde earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology
from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh in 1998, his Master of Physical Therapy degree in
2001 and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2004 from Shenandoah University.

Dr. Jorde's post graduate certifications include the following: Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis &
Therapy (McKenzie Method) in 2004, Board Certified in Orthopedics (OCS designation) by the American
Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (2006), APTA Certified Clinical Instructor (2006), Direct Access to
Physical Therapy Certification (2008), Certification in Spinal Manipulation by the Spinal Manipulation
Institute of the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy (2011).

Dr. Jorde has served as an adjunct faculty member of the School of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training at Old Dominion University and taught courses regarding spinal manipulation and Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.  He has taught a guest lecturer at Radford University Program in Physical Therapy regarding cervical spine Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, Spinal Manipulation & Concussion Rehabilitation.  Dr. Jorde is currently serving as an adjunct faculty member at South College – Atlanta in their hybrid Doctor of Physical Therapy program. 

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