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$169 for 6wk package

Direct Performance’s Strength and Conditioning Class for Runners is a 45 min class meeting 2x a week geared towards improving running performance and reducing injury risk taught by Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT). The program will contain exercises and programming strategies based on research and years of experience as DPTs that will help improve performance and reduce injury risk in runners. 


Strength training is crucial to improving running performance and reducing injury risk, but we find that the majority of runners do not include strength workouts in their training plan. There could be a variety of reasons for this such as lack of equipment, time constraints, not knowing how to strength train, or fear of hurting running performance. However; when programmed correctly, strength training can, and should, complement your running program. Strength training can help to not only reduce injury risk, but improve running economy, delay fatigue, and increase your speed. If you are looking for guidance, skilled supervision, and a good workout group to hold you accountable, then this class is for you!

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Our Spinal Manipulation course is designed to enhance and further develop the knowledge and skills of physical therapists by building upon their entry level training in orthopedic manual therapy of the spine and pelvis.  This course is based on the most recent and best available evidence regarding spinal assessment, screening, risk factors associated with manual therapy, safety, including precautions and contraindications, and the clinical implementation of spinal manipulation. The history of spinal manipulation, informed consent, and different theories of how to apply proper spinal manipulation will be discussed to improve the clinician’s understanding of current topics in manual therapy.  Discussion of other interventions such as therapeutic exercise, pain science, and education will be included in this course to ensure that clinicians are able to provide a multimodal treatment approach to spinal conditions that would benefit from spinal manipulative therapy. 

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