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Why Direct Sports Performance?

Having both experienced personal trainers and Doctors of Physical Therapy in-house - we have the unique ability to create athletic programming that maximizes movement and performance while reducing the opportunity for injury.  

Our Virginia Beach-based facility was designed to optimize speed & agility training for athletes alongside the necessary strength conditioning to reach their individual goals.

Membership Options 

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Take your game to the next level with our Unlimited Training membership that includes personalized strength and speed training available 6 days a week implemented by our top of the line performance coaches.  Programs are designed to take an athlete's weaknesses and attack them to turn them into strengths to help them in achieving their top performance potential. 

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Direct Performance’s Strength and Conditioning Class for Runners is a 45 min class meeting 3x a week (Tues, Wed, Fri at 6am at Redmill Office) geared towards improving running performance and reducing injury risk designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) and implemented by our performance coaches. The program will contain exercises and programming strategies based on research and years of experience as DPTs that will help improve performance and reduce injury risk in runners. 


Strength training is crucial to improving running performance and reducing injury risk, but we find that the majority of runners do not include strength workouts in their training plan. There could be a variety of reasons for this such as lack of equipment, time constraints, not knowing how to strength train, or fear of hurting running performance. However; when programmed correctly, strength training can, and should, complement your running program. Strength training can help to not only reduce injury risk, but improve running economy, delay fatigue, and increase your speed. If you are looking for guidance, skilled supervision, and a good workout group to hold you accountable, then this class is for you!


Bring the Direct Performance Program to you with our Virtual Training option.  Designed for Vertical, Field, Endurance and Rotational athletes this program can help any athlete take their game to the next level.  Using our Team Buildr App you will be able to track your progress and communicate with our top of the line performance coaches.  Team Buildr also allows athletes to upload video to get feedback from Direct Sports Performance Coaches!! 



Testing every aspect of your athletes' athleticism to determine the most effective programming for your child. The evaluation is designed to identify your athletes weaknesses and clearly show how to turn them into strengths.


Want to be a complete athlete? For only $199 (a $399 value) you can receive Four 30min consultations to assess your performance, mobility, nutrition, and mental readiness to ensure you can optimize your on and off the field performance and training. Experts in each field will provide assessments to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and provide individual tools to guide your performance along with several self-assessments guided worksheets. 


Get 10 sessions of top of the line performance training for just $200.00.  Programming that is designed to unlock your athletes true potential.  Ages limited are below 

12-14 Sports Performance 1

14-18 Sports Performance 2: Advanced

All ages for Functional Athletic Recovery

Visiting from out of town? Trying it out? We’d love to have you! good for 1 class

Join us for a pop-up Functional Athletic Recovery Class where we combine PT drills, soft tissue work and yoga to optimize your recovery. Pop-Up classes will be shared on social media. 


One on one sessions (10 pack) that are personalized to the athletes needs and deficiencies.   Ages 14 and older with a Individual Performance Assessment required

Football Match


Contact us to find out what option is best for you

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