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Our Runner Analysis Service

Through a combination of video analysis and functional movement assessment, our in-house expert is able to identify the cause of your running related pain, prevent a running related injury in the future, and maximize your overall running performance.


Runners of all skill levels - from recreational to elite - who are interested in improving their mechanics through a combination of running drills, gait adjustments, corrective exercises, and more will greatly benefit from our comprehensive runner analysis.

Runner Analysis Includes
Mobility Assessment

Individualized Running Exercise Program

In-Depth Video Analysis
Biomechanical Assessment of Lower Limbs
Shoe Wear Analysis

"Direct Performance made it very easy to understand the videos. Seeing the slow motion recaps and hearing her feedback at the same time was great. I think the biggest benefit is the opportunity to hear what you can improve, why it is important, and drills to improve it."

Example Analysis

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