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Nutrition and Food Performance


Direct Performance is excited to partner with Hillary Ervin RD, LDN as our referral for all things sports nutrition and healthy dieting 

Hillary Ervin RD, LDN is a registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist with eight years of nutrition coaching
and education experience. She has extensive experience in the following areas:
- nutrition support for athletes of all ages and levels
- weight loss and body composition changes
- healthy eating behaviors and practices
- general health improvement

During her education, she spent additional time researching and learning about wound healing and
nutrition support for recovery from injury and surgery.

Hillary is passionate about providing practical and applicable nutrition education to others so they can
integrate the principles into their lives in a sustainable way. She wants clients to feel empowered in their
nutrition and know they can eat what they love while still living a healthy life and achieving their goals.Get your copy below.


60-minute nutrition initial consultation with 30-minute follow-up visits

1-1 Individualized Nutrition Support

Nutritional Education
Having Surgery and want to make sure you are doing everything in your power to heal quickly and optimize your results:


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