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I have been a patient of Jake's after suffering a traumatic injury to my right arm.  I was kicked by a horse which broke my humerus, causing deep tissue trauma and swelling. While under the care of a former orthopedic surgeon who determined surgery was not necessary, my arm was placed in a stabilizer cast for nine weeks.  As a result of this, my shoulder had frozen and the mobility of my right elbow and wrist were severely compromised. Being right handed, everything from caring for my physical needs on a daily basis to functioning in my workplace became an extremely depressing and painful challenge. Under the care of my current orthopedic surgeon, I began PT working with Jake. My first session with Jake and dry needle therapy yielded my ability to feel my shoulder drop into its normal position for the first time in three months. Four sessions later, I was able to brush my teeth and hair with my right arm and had since the accident, dress myself without pain, and regain the quality of life as I had known before its injury.  This I owe to Jake McCrowell.  His knowledge and support can only be measured equal to his care and concern for me as I have regained the use of my right arm.  
As a side note, my orthopedic surgeon is amazed at how I progressed. Jake's expertise, professionalism, and dedication to his patients are evident in my recovery.  Each time I find myself doing something that I could not do before, I am once again reminded of the gratitude I feel towards Jake for giving me my life back.  I will highly recommend Jake and his co-workers to others who may find themselves in need of such services.              -Mrs. Hobbs
I went to the ER in a tremendous amount of pain after over-using my shoulder at the gym. After some pain killers, I was sent home without any kind of recovery plan, so I called Jake to make an appointment. I could barely move my left arm without cringing. Jake squeezed me into his schedule immediately! I was so impressed.  Jake was so thorough and professional in his examination - asking questions and testing my mobility. He then dry needled a few spots in my shoulder and a lot of the pain and tension instantly improved. After the dry needling, Jake gave me several exercises to do in his office and on my own at home. I was on the road to recovery! Jake was my shoulder miracle worker. He was even kind enough to check in with me every day after my visit and scheduled me for a follow up one week later. Within no time I was back in the gym doing CrossFit and still do the exercises Jake taught me to improve my shoulder mobility. I have and will continue to recommend Jake to everyone I know that has any kind of injury or muscle pain or weakness!               -Jennifer W.