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Whether you want to gain a competitive edge, looking to get that college scholarship, or are looking to improve your quality of movement, we are here to guide you on the right direction to achieve your goals. 

Years of experience in general and sport-specific training allows our coaches to provide a functional, safe, and effective fitness program tailored to your current abilities and long-term goals.

The Programs

Group Sports Performance

Fundamental programming designed to help young athletes build their foundation of performance skills to become the best athlete possible. Sessions include basic linear, lateral and strength components with an emphasis on fun and safety. Teaching the primary performance skills such as sprinting, stopping, jumping and landing will make for a much more well rounded athlete to take their game to the next level. Instilling these basic training habits at this level will allow your athlete to meet their true potential for years to come.

Recommended for age 12-14

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Advanced Group Sports Performance

Let's take it to the next level with our advanced performance programming designed to unlock your athletes true potential.  Speed and agility that translate directly to the field or the court. Personalized strength training designed to enhance your athletes explosiveness and improve injury resilience. Pre-season, off-season and in-season programs available to allow your athlete to maximize their abilities regardless of heir schedule.

Recommended for age 14-18

ELITE Group Sports Performance

Personalized programming to maximize your athletes abilities to best archive their goals.  Programming is based around finding out what weaknesses are holding your athlete back and turning them into their strength.  The smaller ground allows for more personalized coaching and individualization as well as  constant re-evaluations to ensure their athleticism is being maximized.  Athletes will be consistently reassessed to ensure program success.  Periodized programming to allow athletes to train year round in order to maintain their peak level of performance.

1-5 athletes. For ages 12-18

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Private/Personal Training

Coming off an injury? Intimidated by the gym?? Try 1 on 1 sessions to ensure that your athletes program is specifically for them to best achieve their goals. Athletes coming off and injury can implement a return to sport program that can ensure they are ready to take the field with the confidence and the strength to not get re-injured.

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