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Introducing our 4-week Online Handstand Push-Up Program, meticulously designed by Doctors of Physcial Therapy to improve your handstand push-up ability. This dynamic program seamlessly integrates targeted workouts, progressive challenges, and expert guidance, all accessible an easy to read pdf program. Whether you're tryign to get your first or 10th HSPU, our program caters to all levels, making the journey to master handstand push-ups convenient and effective.


🌐 Program Highlights:

  • Virtual Progression: Follow a structured online plan that gradually enhances your strength, skill, and core stability, with easy access to workouts.
  • Guided Instruction: Benefit from virtual tutorials and detailed guidance for each exercise havign a video demo, ensuring proper form and technique throughout the program.
  • Adjunct Workouts: Designed for optimal results that only take 15 minutes. 


💻 What to Anticipate: Experience visible progress week by week, as you unlock new levels of handstand push-up mastery through our immersive online training experience.


🚀 Ready to improve your HSPU? Grab our 4-week Handstand Push-Up Program now! Elevate your strength, challenge yourself, and conquer the handstand push-up with ease. 

4 Week Hand stand Push Up Adjunct Performance Through Movement Program

$29.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
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