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The Functional Integrative Process: Optimizing the Treatment Strategy (integrating from manual to exercise and optimizing exercise progression) is a course that....

Course Objectives & Clinical Relevance

The purpose of this course is to teach Licensed Practitioners (PT, PTA, ATC, Strength coaches, Chiropractors, etc) to integrate manual and exercise interventions with clinical problem strategies to improve outcomes and success.  While allowing clinicians to get hands on, this course is designed to develop the clinician’s treatment skills while implementing evidence-based research by instructing the practitioner on a sequential and systematic plan called the ‘Functional Integrative Process’, a program that allows the therapist with the appropriate tools to handle pain, mechanical, and pathological deficits.

Topics covered include the effective exercises progression, integrative exercises to transition from manual techniques to exercise, functional loading with Kettlebells, Kinesiotaping to improve posture and many easy to implement hands-on manual therapy techniques to improve motor control and mobility for optimal carryover in your patients improvements.

The aim is to allow clinicians to bridge the gap between examination and intervention, manual and exercise and exercise and the practice of functional movement patterns.

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